The 4 Best Food Sources of Healthy Carbs

Here’s a list of 5 foods you can eat to increase your intake of healthy carbs. We’ve all heard at least once before that carb is bad for us. We’ve been told to avoid them, cut them out of our diet, and even restrict them. Far too often we hear extreme examples of carb consumption […]

A Do-It-Yourself Meditation Retreat

A Do-It-Yourself Meditation Retreat Every July since 2014, my life partner and I have attended an 18-day metta/insight meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. We signed up again last February, but well, we all know what happened in March 2020. Like so many traditions, including my annual trip to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, the […]

How to Make Simply Infused Water

Infused water is such a fun way to stay hydrated all day long! Whether you fall into the, “I don’t like the way water tastes,” or the,  “I forget to drink enough water,” category, infused water is a great solution for both of those challenges. Water doesn’t have a strong taste, making it easy to […]

Urdhva Hastasana: Upward Hands

Urdhva Hastasana: Upward Hands When your first leave the comfort of your bed each morning, what’s the first thing you want to do? Like other animals—think about your cat or dog—our instinct is to stretch out. While we sleep, our bodies immobile, the fascia that surrounds our muscles tightens. In order to wake up our muscles, we need to loosen this […]

Yoga 101: Asana – The 3rd Limb

Yoga 101: Asana – The 3rd Limb Asana, the physical practice, is the most recognizable of the eight limbs of yoga. If you mention “yoga,” most people will automatically picture a person in some beautiful, bendy position. But, of course, yoga is much more than just asana. There are seven other limbs of yoga in […]

Giving Back

Bliss, Hope & Joy proudly supports Stepping Stones Network by donating 10% of annual profits to the organization.

Stepping Stones Network educates and engages the community to prevent domestic commercial sexual exploitation and to provide comprehensive, restorative care to survivors.

You can read more about Stepping Stones Network here.

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