Patent Leather 3-Piece Tote Handbag with Matching Purse and Wallet


Patent leather classic tote handbag with additional matching purse and coin wallet. Made with 100% animal-free, vegan leather. Comes in 3 different colors – Black, Purple, and Red.



We have a great deal for you! Presently offering a 3-piece, beautiful tote handbag with matching additional purse and coin wallet. The bag is made with patent vegan leather, that gives the handbag a shine that makes a statement. Our vegan leather is made primarily of cork and kelp, which makes the material a lot more flexible and sturdier than other forms of faux leather.

The patent vegan leather handbag comes in 3 colors – red, black and purple to match your style. The classic universal tote style can be used in all social occasions, and our quality material can lasts for years of usage with proper care and maintenance. We are confident that you will be happy with this handbag for years to come.

Limited edition, limited quantities, lovingly handcrafted in the USA. Get yours now!

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Black, Purple, Red


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