Stepping Stones Network

Bliss, Hope & Joy proudly supports Stepping Stones Network’s efforts to educate and engage the community to prevent domestic commercial sexual exploitation and to provide comprehensive, restorative care to survivors. As part of this active support, Bliss, Hope & Joy pledge to contribute 10% of all profits to the organization annually.


An engaged and compassionate community where sexual exploitation is not tolerated, human rights and dignity are valued, and the lives of both victims and perpetrators are being restored through God-centered relationships.


To educate and engage the community to prevent domestic commercial sexual exploitation and to provide comprehensive, restorative care to survivors.


Our focus on community engagement led us to create the Stepping Stones Network which will offer individuals and organizations a variety of ways to get involved in fighting modern day slavery and loving the people who are affected by it.  We have three main teams that focus directly on the issue.

  • Community Engagement – To activate the community and the church by raising awareness of the reality of sex trafficking and offering specific ways to get involved.

  • Prevention & Protection – To end demand for commercial sexual exploitation and protect our youth and adults from becoming victims through: 1) Respectfully and compassionately confronting attitudes about the misuse of sex and the cost of being part of the demand; 2) Educating the public on the tactics used to lure victims and users; 3) Advocating for enforcement of laws related to sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation; and 4) Finding ways to prevent high risk youth from falling into exploitation. 

  • Restorative Services – To offer help to people who have been harmed by sexual exploitation or violations by: 1) Providing a holistic, structured residential recovery program for trafficked mothers and their children; 2) Offering workshops and groups for non-violent users of pornography and prostitution; 3) Offering co-ed healing groups for any adult who has suffered trauma or sexual violations; and 4) Working in collaboration with other community organizations and agencies to provide care, support or placement for victims. 


View or Download our most up-to-date Services Fact Sheet here. 


We are based in Lake County, IL and serve the county and surrounding areas. We collaborate and partner with a variety of organizations in the Chicagoland area and have reciprocal relationships with other residential organizations in the US. Residential program clients may be from anywhere in the United States. Our one-off programs and speaking offerings may be provided anywhere.   


The formation of Stepping Stones goes back to April 2011 when a group of concerned individuals in the northern suburbs of Chicago came together to discuss what could be done to address the growing problem of commercial sexual exploitation in the Chicago area.  As they investigated, they became increasingly aware of two disturbing facts: the prevalence of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and the lack of trauma recovery services, housing and employment alternatives for those who have been victimized by this modern day form of slavery.  

In 2014, they merged with Oasis Productions and Stepping Stones Network was created. Stepping Stones Network is now a program of Oasis Productions, a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible. 

We received formal mentoring through the Wellspring Institute in Atlanta, GA and are pursuing CARF Accreditation.

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